Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Europe is Falling

You are seeing it before your eyes. And you know why.

Insane, unending mass immigration of people with an incompatible culture, failed and discredited multiculturalism, Islamism and unassimilated, segregated communities of increasingly radicalised Muslims are the major causes.

Even as I write, there are news reports of two armed men killed after taking hostages in a church near Rouen in France. One hostage is dead.

Jean-Claude Juncker has just announced that “no matter how bad terrorism or the migrant crisis gets” in Europe he will never “rethink the EU’s open doors policy on migration from Africa and the Middle East.”

Are we living in the Twilight Zone?!?

How long can this go on before we see an extreme backlash from Europeans? Is Europe going to have attacks every f*cking week now? You think the recent surge of the populist right is bad. That is nothing compared to what is coming. If things deteriorate further and sanity is not restored, we could be looking at neo-fascism in Europe. That is not a joke.

(P.S. yes, I am reduced to posting a video from an Infowars.com libertarian – from a site that is bonkers on virtually everything else they talk about – just to get some sanity.)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Trump’s Victory at the RNC sees the Neocons in Hysteria

Because Trump has broken decisively with the Neoconservatives, the warmongering faction of the GOP, who have been behind pretty much every US war since 2000. He has also pushed the GOP to the left on economics, even if this is a rhetorical play.

But it is strange how most people on the Left can’t see this or notice its significance, as Michael Hudson explains:

Note well: over at the Weekly Standard, which is pretty much Neocon Central, there is as much hatred of Trump as on the left.

Neocon warmonger-in-chief Bill Kristol, in his latest screed there, is now opining that Trump is the sock puppet of Putin.

Bill Kristol, you might remember, was behind the Neocon push for a third party candidate to run against Trump.

Kristol made noises about a third party candidate called David A. French. Unfortunately for Bill, that all collapsed when French decided not to run. Part of the reason may have been that French has a somewhat, err, “controversial” opinion: he agrees with Kevin Williamson that the American white working class should die.

And the Neocons wanted this guy to be president of the United States?!